Scotload has a proven track-record in supplying specialist marine products to the offshore, sub-sea and general marine works industries.

Scotload, a part of global marine specialist James Fisher, has developed significant expertise in this area offering specialist products designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments. From simple splash zone protection to highly rugged, marine-grade components for total sub-sea submersion – we offer load monitoring solutions that are ‘fit-for-purpose’ with a proven track-record in numerous differing marine applications.

The demands and environmental factors found in the marine and offshore industry dictate the very best of design, materials and testing.

Scotload can offer a range of running line dynamometers, Running Line Monitors (RLMs), load links and shackles purpose built for marine applications.

The more common uses for load cells in marine applications are;

Common marine applications  
Load limitation for cranes (load on hook) Commercial fishing
Measurement of the force exerted by towing loads and forces Line tensioning
Controlling the balance of power for trawl cables during fishing Hoist loads

Measurement of force and tension on the propeller shrouds of submarines

Underwater cable monitoring
Fish farm monitoring cables underwater Underwater vehicles and vehicle recovery
Oil exploration and drilling (wire/slick lines) Mooring loads & systems
Anchoring loads Platform retention
Buoy force measurement Dry-dock hoist systems
  Dam force measurement