From the initial design stages, through to aircraft assembly and pre-flight testing, Scotload has a proven track record of supplying accurate and reliable products to the aerospace industry.

At Scotload, we produce a diverse range of load monitoring equipment for the aerospace industry.

With the ability to measure tension and compression, our load cells are favoured by many of the major companies in the aerospace industry in many capacities.

The applications of load cells in the aerospace industry are vast. Scotload load cells can be used from early material and component load testing, through to monitoring and controlling forces during installation, assembly, or operation. Scotload’s load pins, shackles, tension links and compression cells have been used for over 40 years, supporting the production of new air/spacecraft designs, assembly, testing and control.  

Initial design and build stages: Load testing is fundamental for almost all aerospace components to test strength, endurance, longevity and to ensure safety. These tests may be carried out on seat belts, cockpit instruments, aircraft flaps or any other number of components. Scotload load cells provide highly accurate load monitoring data, whatever the application.

Pre-flight, structural and fatigue testing: Scotload load cells can be used to validate aircraft design, for example, through airframe testing to assure structural integrity.

Common applications

  • Airframe fatigue test rigs
  • Landing gear test rigs
  • Flight simulators

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