Shipping and logistics

The shipping and logistics industry demands robust and accurate weighing.

From ship-to-ship transfers (S-T-S transfers) and general weighing operations to more advanced monitoring systems, SmartLoad® is designed to offer a number of unique benefits specific to shipping and logistic weighing operations.

Unique technology allows any SmartLoad® handset or wall mounted display to work with any load cell. This connectivity means operators can connect with any load cell instantly without needing to lower the rig and remove batteries, greatly improving operational efficiency and driving down costs.

Scotload handsets can also connect to a load cell even if it’s already connected to another handset, increasing safety as supervisors can monitor multiple operations whilst also displaying four load cells on one screen - all from a wireless handset.

Following increased demand for water-resistant load monitoring, our SmartLoad® load cells offer IP67/68 protection from standard which is ideal for reliable ship-to-ship transfer weighing and marine logistics.

What load cell best suits your application?

For smaller weighing operations, we offer our range of wireless and cabled load links ranging from just 1T up to 5t which can be connect to standard shackle sizes or quick hooks for wireless batch weighing and other general weighing applications.


For heaving lifts and general weighing applications, we offer a range of shackles from 12.5t up to 500t in stock, with the capability to make shackles up to 1500t.

For moving lines with no dead end (commonly used for mooring lines on cargo ships) we recommend our range of running line monitors (RLM’s) which display the dynamic tension in addition to the rope pay-out and line speed - all viewable on one SmartLoad® screen in both wired and wireless variants.

Recommended products

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