These case studies provide a brief and concise description of the load monitoring activities and projects Scotload has been involved in globally.

Working with a diverse range of clients with specific requirements, Scotload delivers cost-effective load monitoring products and services to meet even the most challenging operations.

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Scotload supports MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s hazardous area lifting operations

As part of MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s commitment to raising the bar for safety in global gas shipping, the company searched at length for a load monitoring solution to secure its on-board marine crane operations.

SmartLoad 2Ex® installed onto offshore spider crane

Scotload provided its innovative SmartLoad 2Ex® load monitoring technology, delivering highly accurate load measurement of the cranes’ lifting operations maximum safety and efficiency.

MI Drilling Fluids International contract

Scotload awarded silo weighing contract with MI Drilling Fluids International

SSE utilise SmartLoad® during power cable installation

SSE utilise SmartLoad® load monitoring technology during overhead power cable installation

Testing subsea air bags with SmartLoad®

Unique Seaflex subsea air bag load monitoring trials