Scotload supports MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd's hazardous area lifting operations

The requirements

As part of MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s commitment to raising the bar for safety in global gas shipping, the company searched at length for a load monitoring solution to secure its on-board marine crane operations. Requiring full Zone 1 hazardous area compliance, MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd chose Scotload’s award-winning SmartLoad® load monitoring solution to enhance the safety of its lifting projects.   

Scotload’s solution

To answer MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s requirementsScotload specified an intrinsically safe tension SmartLoad® load cell along with a range of ancillary rigging products. Displaying load-on-hook with leading accuracy, this technology maximises safety by notifying users in real-time if overloading occurs.  

This solution also enabled full compliance with IECEx (international), ATEX (European) and AEx (U.S/North American) standards for Zone 1 and Zone 2 operations. The load cell’s handset is manufactured from an anti-static material, which allows certification to be maintained at all times regardless of damage from general use. As a unique feature, its batteries can also be changed safely in potentially flammable areas, mitigating the risk of downtime associated with battery life.  

Alongside hardware, Scotload supplied a simple-to-use SmartLoad® basestation viewing application which enables the customer to benefit from a variety of helpful features. MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd can now rename load cells, check calibration records, and use the technology’s data-logging tool for post analysis and traceability purposes. 


With Scotload’s fast and simple delivery, MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd received the equipment with enough time to meet their demanding timescales. Scotload’s solution proved to be a strategic fit for the company’s value offering, with the shipping company opting to install SmartLoad® as standard on all its LNG vessels.  

Factory fitting the system to its fleet enabled MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd to expand their general weighing and ship-to-ship transfer capabilities by enhancing the safety of their on-board marine cranes. This granted a competitive advantage for the company as its customers benefit from the increased protection that SmartLoad® delivers for their valuable cargo.  

As ancillary rigging could also be purchased from Scotload as part of an all-in-one package, the shipping company was able to source all of the required equipment from one supplier, streamlining its procurement process.  

Product specification

  • Intrinsically safe 12.5T wireless SmartLoad® load monitoring link (load cell) - Zone 1 hazardous area certified 
  • Intrinsically safe wireless SmartLoad® handset (display) - Zone 1 hazardous area certified 
  • Ruggedised transit case for handset and load link 
  • SmartLoad® Basestation Viewer 

Ancillary Rigging

  • 13.5t safety pin bow shackle to BS EN 13889 
  • Single leg wire rope sling 
  • 25t safety pin bow shackle to BS EN 13889 

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