SmartLoad 2Ex® load pins help to improve safety at Port Taranaki

Scotload incorporates its innovative SmartLoad 2Ex® technology installed on the load pin of boss mooring links, to help improve safety at Port Taranaki.

Port Taranaki is the only deep water seaport on New Zealand's western seaboard. The port is home to nine fully serviced berths and is capable of handling a diverse range of cargoes, specialising in heavy lift operations. In 2007 it became the first port in New Zealand to receive official recognition for its harbour safety management systems.

The issue:

Continuing the ports efforts to improve safety and responses during adverse events, Port Taranaki approached Scotload to help with an improved solution in monitoring mooring line stresses. The port has a long history of mooring difficulties and experiences long period waves (LPW) which excites the motion of the moored vessels, increasing the loadings and the possibility of breaking the mooring lines.

Port Taranaki, together with MetOcean Solutions Limited, developed a predictive model in calculating the loadings in events of LPW. As the effect is different for every berth, data is required to enable accurate calculations for loading events. This is where Scotload were able to help with their innovative SmartLoad® technology.

The solution:

Installing new wireless load shackles proved to be an inadequate option for this application as the weight of the shackles created issues with manual handling. After reviewing the information supplied by Port Taranaki, Scotload suggested that the existing boss mooring links be converted into load monitoring mooring links by incorporating it's award winning SmartLoad 2Ex® technology.

Applying the teams extensive knowledge of load pins, Scotload were able to replicate the pin in the boss mooring link and convert it into a SmartLoad® load cell, suitable for use in Zone 2, hazardous areas. The links store load data on internal memory during the mooring period and results are automatically exported and displayed in an easy to understand report that is ready for input into the predictive model. The newly developed load monitoringboss mooring links were supplied with a SmartLoad 2Ex® handset and standard SmartLoad® software, to deliver accurate load monitoring results in real-time.

The successful installation of these innovative SmartLoad 2Ex® boss mooring links at Port Taranaki, has led to further enquiries for similar links to be installed at other ports wanting to increase the safety for their staff and the vessels.