SSE utilises SmartLoad® load monitoring technology during power cable installation

Scotload delivers its award winning SmartLoad® technology to support SSE's operations during installation of overhead power cables.

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) plc is the UK's leading generator of renewable energy. As part of its aim to generate and transmit competitively priced energy, it maintains 130,000km of overhead lines and underground cables.

For a routine operation, SSE approached Scotload for a number of load links to monitor cable tension during overhead power cable installations. During discussions Scotload realised that accurate load data was crucial as SSE installed and tensioned 150mm copper overhead power cables. The team advised SSE on the benefits of its intelligent SmartLoad® technology to deliver accurate load monitoring during their critical wire tensioning operations.

With safety of paramount importance to SSE the SmartLoad® solution was ideal and Scotload delivered 12 wireless SmartLoad® load links with 0-6.5 tonne capacity within 12 days. 

The operation:

SSE pulled tension on the cables to 1.5 tonne using a digger with a SmartLoad® load link attached between the digger and cable to monitor the load. A chain lever hoist was then attached with a SmartLoad® load link between the chain leaver hoist and cable. Using the chain lever hoist SSE was able to accurately tension the wire to 2.2 tonnes, which then releases the digger. The digger then starts on the next cable to be tensioned and once all 3 cables are at 2.2 tonnes, they take the tension off the wire by gradually releasing the chain leaver hoist to 1 tonne. Once this is achieved the cable is then clamped down on to the overhead electricity pylons.

SmartLoad® enabled SSE to monitor the loads accurately during all phases of the installation, increasing operational efficiency and the safety of its personnel.