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Below is a list of Scotload's available literature including full product catalogue for the load pins, load cells, load shackles and load links product range.

Please click the links to open or download the load monitoring PDFs.

Data sheet Download
SmartLoad® load monitoring indicators and displays   PDF.png (181KB)
SmartLoad 2Ex® boss mooring link  PDF.png (115KB)
Diaphragm load cell  PDF.png (220KB)
Running line monitor  PDF.png (259KB)
Load link  PDF.png (199KB)
Load pin  PDF.png (147KB)
Load shackle  PDF.png (186KB)
Static line monitor  PDF.png (229KB)
Pillar load cell   PDF.png (228KB)
Brochure Download
Load monitoring product catalogue  PDF.png (1.31MB)