Scotload announces new agent and distributor, Nasco Load Indicators Ltd.

Nasco Load Indicators limited will now be supplying Scotload's high quality load monitoring and load measuring products

Scotload, the experts in load monitoring solutions and a part of James Fisher and Sons plc. is proud to announce that Nasco Load Indicators Ltd. has become its newest agent and distributor, supplying high quality Scotload load measuring and load monitoring equipment in the UK.

Nasco Load Indicators has over 30 years of experience providing machine safety solutions to the industry and has been an agent for James Fisher group company, James Fisher Prolec, since 1997. 

Scotload is always keen to work with companies that are committed to selling its products and in return, we offer technical and commercial support to ensure all customers receive the highest level of service. 

This new partnership will allow Scotload customers to benefit from increased availability of our products as well as benefitting from Nasco Load’s expert sales and support.

Visit the Nasco load Indicators Ltd. website to learn more about our latest agent. 

Or apply today to become a Scotload agent and distributor today.