Watch out for counterfeit load shackles and equipment.

There has been a lot of news recently warning about counterfeit load shackles and the dangers they pose if not identified and removed from service. It is important to ensure that your load monitoring products have been manufactured to meet the recognised standards within the markets and regions of intended operations.

All of Scotload's load shackles are manufactured from GN or Van Beest shackles as standard, but other manufacturers are available on request. We supply both cabled and wireless options for hazardous area, subsea and safe zones; and they are also available with Scotload's innovative SmartLoad® technology.

Our shackles are supplied with a full certificate of calibration and we provide an in-house repair and calibration service, for our own and 3rd party products.

If you are worried about the quality of your existing load shackles and would like to speak to one of Scotload's experts about calibrations, repairs or upgrading  to SmartLoad® contact us today!

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