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Company videos

View Scotload's videos to find out more about our load monitoring products and services.

A demonstration of Scotload's running line monitor (RLM)

A demonstration at James Fisher Offshore in Aberdeen which shows how the equipment is used during a cable spooling operation and how the line tension, pay out and line speed can all be monitored. Scotload's running line monitors' rugged design makes them ideal for operation in extreme environments, including both onshore and offshore applications.

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TSC Ansell Jones spider crane featuring SmartLoad® technology

SmartLoad 2Ex® load monitoring installed onto offshore spider crane application for TSC Ansell Jones.

SmartLoad® | A revolution in load measurement.

View the video to learn about our groundbreaking new intelligent load cell that stores data for real-time and retrospective analysis.

This video introduces SmartLoad® and presents eight reasons why you should choose it for your operations.

12.5 tonnes load link test

Video demonstrating a proof load test of a 12.5 tonnes load link.
All Scotload's load links have a factor of safety up to 10x!