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Centre of gravity

Scotload's centre of gravity (COG) system facilitates the safe lifting and transportation of structures and loads, where it is difficult to determine the COG by calculation.

Our accurate, reliable and robust COG system minimises the risk of incidents during lifting operations. A lift's centre of gravity is often the single most undervalued property of a load.

Given the opportunity, if the COG is not centralised, or the load is close to its limit, rotation can occur and the integrity of the lift and the safety of personnel are put at risk.

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Integration with SmartLoad® technology

Integrating our award winning SmartLoad® technology, the system comprises load cells which weigh and automatically calculate your lift's centre of gravity. Our custom designed software can display the COG as the lift is in progress. The lift load data is then stored and available to download for analysis and reporting.

The flexibility of our SmartLoad® technology means that the COG software can be used with your existing SmartLoad® load cells, removing the need for expensive full system upgrades.

Features and benefits of centre of gravity system:

  • Live centre of gravity indication
  • Accurate, reliable and robust
  • Determines both weight and centre of gravity
  • Facilitates safe lifting
  • Simple and intuitive set up and design
  • Can be used with multiple load cells and configurations


  • Available with SmartLoad® technology
  • Cabled or wireless
  • Hazardous area Zone 0, 1 and 2