Hazardous area products

Scotload is an expert in load measurement products suitable for use in hazardous area Zones 0, 1 and 2.

All of our hazardous area products are provided with full ATEX and IECEx certifications to EN/IEC 60079 standards as well as North American and Canadian Hazloc certification. Our team are also highly knowledgeable in working with UL, Kosha and other hazardous area classifications worldwide.

We have a range of Zone 1 and 2 products available ex-stock for immediate dispatch. Our experienced team is on hand to offer guidance and support to customers looking for a safe and compliant, off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions for these demanding environments.

Including SmartLoad 2Ex® wireless technology

We have developed a range of wireless products which incorporate our SmartLoad® technology (including in-sensor data logging) and are fully compliant to the very latest ATEX and IECEx standards, certified to Zone 2.

This technology has been developed with a range of display options including handhelds which can also be used in the relevant hazardous areas. These systems are fully flexible, working with all the safe area SmartLoad® products and software packages.

UPDATE: Scotload's SmartLoad 1Ex® wireless technology has now been approved to zone 1, both ATEX and IECEx certified!

The newly ATEX and IECEx certified zone 1 products include the SmartLoad® handset and wireless transmitter, which have been approved for use with Scotload's load cells, load pins load links, load shackles and line tension monitors.

UPDATE: Scotload's zone 1 SmartLoad® products now with North American and Canadian Hazloc certification

The recent North American and Canadian Hazloc certification makes Scotload the only company with load monitoring products certified to international, European and U.S. and Canadian standards, providing total assurance to its customers.


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A hazardous area is categorised as an area whereby explosive gas atmospheres, vapours or dusts may occur. These ‘hazardous areas’ are then further classified by a ‘zoning’ convention which denotes the level of danger they impose.

  • Zone 0
    An area where explosive gases are present constantly or for long periods of time
  • Zone 1
    An area where explosive gases are likely to occur during a normal working period
  • Zone 2
    An area where explosive gases are unlikely to occur during a normal working period and if they were to, they would not be present for a sustained period of time

How long will it take to dispatch?

Most of our stock is already in stock, available for immediate dispatch. Larger capacity load cells will often take around 2-3 weeks until dispatch. If you need it sooner than this, please contact us for more information – an express service is available.

What is the range of your wireless system?

With SmartLoad®, you can achieve 350m (direct line of sight) using our wireless handset. If you need more than this, SmartLoad® also offers a range of transmitters and receivers to enable you to receive load out information well over 3000m. And if you need further than this, our wall mounted display also offers output via Ethernet, meaning you can essentially relay this information anywhere on the globe with an internet connection.

What connections does SmartLoad
® have?

None. Our system is fully wireless (we do have wired version which are not SmartLoad® variants). That being said, these can be connected to either a PC or wall mounted display (options) which offers a range of standard connections you can utilize.

Is a calibration certificate supplied?

Yes – a full calibration certificate is supplied, valid for 1 year from date of issue 

Do I have a warranty with my load cell?

Yes – a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is included. For extended warranty packages, please contact us for more information. 

Is it shipped with batteries?

For UK orders, yes. For orders overseas, we recognize that often the batteries will actually delay being processed in customs and therefore we do not ship these with batteries. If you would like these however, please state this and we will ensure they are shipped along with your load cell.