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SmartLoad® base station software

Scotload's proprietary, future-proof SmartLoad® base station software saves valuable operational time.

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Designed to automatically generate 'ready to share' charts for all logging events SmartLoad® base station simplifies data compilation. All software can be upgraded wirelessly from the base station eliminating the need to physically connect to load cells or handsets.

If you currently own a SmartLoad® product please contact our customer services team at customerservice@strainstall.com who will be happy to assist.

Features and benefits of Scotload's SmartLoad® base station:

  • Automatically detects all cells in range - pairing is not required
  • Displays live readings for up to 24 cells simultaneously
  • Displays a real time trace providing an overview of the last 100 readings
  • Monitors peak readings from each device
  • Instant overload detection
  • Customisable overload limits
  • Downloadable events logs and logged reading data from cells (Excel compatible)
  • Enables control of cell transmission and logging frequencies
  • Remotely controls cell logging
  • Monitors battery life of remote cells, avoiding downtime and unnecessary wastage
  • Remotely upgrades cell and handset firmware

Visit our Base Station FAQ's page for more information

Watch the SmartLoad® base station data-logging demonstration video:

SmartLoad® base station data-logging demo

A demonstration of the capabilities of Scotload's intuitive SmartLoad® base station data-logging functionality which shows how to connect to a load cell, the information Scotload's software provides and the overload function.




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